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A report by The Climate Group on behalf of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), with independent analysis by McKinsey & Company

The Climate Group


Key Facts

  • A home in Cambridgeshire was fitted with an AlertMe Energy kit. The residents were keen to reduce their energy consumption and to save money on their electricity bills. The use of AlertMe Energy provided them with the ability to monitor and control their energy usage and using this information they were able to reduce their electricity consumption and their bills.

  • The components are:

    1. AlertMe hub which communicates using the ZigBee network with the sensors, and via broadband with the AlertMe online services.
    2. A Meter Reader which connects to the electricity meter and measures how much power is being consumed every second.
    3. Several Smart Plugs connected to various appliances measuring how much electricity each of the appliances was using and allowing the residents to turn them on or off automatically or remotely when away from home.
    4. A lamp which shows visually (via colour) how much electricity is being consumed by the house at any time.
  • The project took 8 months to implement
  • For the overall solution, the likely ROI is 3 months
  • Cost savings of £500; Increased awareness of energy consumption in the home; Discovery of easy ways to reduce consumption; Improved understanding of which appliances used the most energy and therefore which could have the biggest impact on reducing electricity usage. For example is it better to replace a lightbulb with a low energy one, or to stop leaving the TV on standby? And do either of them make a real difference?
  • The actual (or likely) cost of the project is Total Cost: £159 (Breakdown: £99 for AlertMe Energy including a year’s subscription; £35 for AlertMe lamp; £25 for AlertMe SmartPlug)
  • The actual (or projected) savings from the project are

    Before installing AlertMe, the electricity consumption was approximately £4.50 per day. After installing AlertMe, consumption dropped to less than £2 per day. Total saving during the project was £500 or around 40% of the electricity bill.

    Our estimates show that if AlertMe had not been installed, the total bill for the period would have been around £1,300, whereas with the AlertMe system it was in fact around £800.

  • The primary sponsor for the project was VP Data Analytics

What was the impact?

  • Did you use a specific methodology or third party to calculate CO2e or KWh savings?

    The data was obtained from actual electricity meter readings as used by the utility company in calculating its bills. Meter readings were taken before the system was installed and after it was installed, in order to determine the number of kWh consumed per day prior to installation and after installation. To calculate CO2 saved, we use DEFRA’s estimate of 0.43kg of CO2 per kWh:
  • 4,450KWh of energy have been saved on this project
  • This saving will be made over 8 months
  • Comments on energy savings

    Our estimations show that the total consumption if AlertMe had not been installed would have been 11,164.3kWh. In fact, consumption was 6,714.2kWh.
  • 1,913.5 Kg CO2e has been saved on this project , over a period of 8 months
  • The project has internal verification for results

Making it Happen

  • Barriers experienced during the initiation of the project

  • Comments regarding barriers

    Lack of consumer awareness is a principal barrier. Consumers tend not to understand how a service like AlertMe can help them as they do not really appreciate the extent to which they are using (and in many cases wasting) electricity.


Project Type
Research & Development
Solution Type
Smart Building
Carbon Saved
1,913.5 Kg CO2e

“Many consumers feel they can’t protect themselves from rising energy costs or do anything to stop climate change. However, more than a quarter of all energy use happens in our homes and now AlertMe Energy gives consumers the power to monitor, control, and reduce the energy they use, saving money and reducing their carbon footprint,” said Pilgrim Beart, founder and CEO, AlertMe,


Company Name

A provider of clean technologies or services

Founded in 2006 and based in Cambridge, UK, AlertMe is a provider of smart energy saving systems for homes, The company’s online service enables consumers to take control of their energy consumption and drive it down, extending the reach of the Smart Grid and AMI networks right into the home. The company is venture backed by Good Energies, Index Ventures, SET Venture Partners and VantagePoint Venture Partners.