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A report by The Climate Group on behalf of the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSI), with independent analysis by McKinsey & Company

The Climate Group

Key Facts

  • is an online transport marketplace that replaces the traditional subscription-based business model of the freight exchange. Aimed at end consumers, hauliers bid in a reverse auction to keep their vehicles full and offer the consumer a low price.
  • Shiply recognized that:

    • 25% of lorries on Britain's roads run empty
    • Resulting in an un-necessary 36 million tonnes of CO2 emissions every year
    • That's 7.2% of the UK's carbon footprint
    • Allowing more trucks to run full means fewer trucks need to be used to deliver the same amount of goods

    Shiply is a software solution to enable trucks to remain full more of the time, with proprietary algorithms that allow for reverse auction to optimally match requests for shipments with hauliers.

    Shiply makes haulers money - in the form of increased profitability. It saves consumers money – in excess of £3m since launch.

  • The project took 12 months to implement
  • In an economic downturn, small businesses need new ways to secure and maintain business. Shiply was featured in a Road Haulage Association ‘Business Survival Toolkit’ explaining how their solution could help haulers save fuel and stay on the road.

What was the impact?

  • Did you use a specific methodology or third party to calculate CO2e or KWh savings?

    Shiply knows what type of vehicle is transporting goods for each pickup, and calculates the fuel savings from each trip which would have otherwise been empty. Given that prices are up to 75% of standard rates, we are very confident that all trips carrie
  • 2,095,210 Kg CO2e has been saved on this project , over a period of 16 months
  • Notes about Carbon savings/calculations

    Savings calculated from June 2008 – October 2009. Savings equate to flying from London to New York 3,446 times
  • 1,134,254 litres of Unleaded Gasoline has been saved on this project, over a period of 16 months
  • Comments on fuel savings

    Fuel savings calculated using figures of 17.9mpg average. Shiply claims to have saved 3,799,070 miles
  • The project has internal verification for results

Making it Happen

  • The following regulations or incentives allowed the business case to be more attractive

    There were no regulations or incentives that made the business case more attractive.
  • Barriers experienced during the initiation of the project

  • Comments regarding barriers

    The main challenge was acceptance by transport companies. Shiply needed to educate haulers about the benefits of a reverse auction business model approach to freight exchange. The economic downturn may actually have helped, because the service provided both fuel and cost savings, leading to emissions reductions
  • Other comments regarding barriers preventing the successful completion of the project

    Shiply has just launched in Germany and will face new regulatory challenges as cross-border trips become increasingly requested. ‘Cabotage’ rules prevent the exchange of goods between countries and though Shiply recognizes the importance of protecting local businesses, they also recognize the carbon emissions savings opportunity from reducing the number of trips taken empty.
  • What were the key lessons learnt?

    What works for the environment also makes good business sense.


Project Type
Small Business
Solution Type
Transport and Logistics
Carbon Saved
2,095,210 Kg CO2e


Company Name

A provider of clean technologies or services

Founded in 2008, matches people needing to move goods with transport companies going there anyway. Shiply is independent and has no affiliation with any user or transport provider. We are fully committed to providing a secure, objective and trustworthy online marketplace.